What the Dickens…!?

Little Dorrit CourtWorking in London Bridge area can be quite entertaining if you go for a wander at lunchtime.

Yesterday I went to get my shoes reheeled and found a wonderful old-fashioned cobblers.

Anyway, the point is that while I was walking to the aforementioned cobblers, I spotted lots of references to Charles Dickens, proving just how closely this area is linked to him.

Little Dorrit Court is just off Borough High Street, while Quilp Street (character from Old Curiosity Shop) is just round the corner.

There’s also Marshalsea Road – named after the debtors’ prison where Dickens’ father was held and also the focal point for Little Dorrit.

None of this is terribly new for some people, but I just like it because it shows that we at least try to preserve heritage in this country, even if most people don’t know it exists.

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