What I’ve read this week… 2 March 2013

This is the second of my weekly round-ups – a motley collection of the silly, serious and surprising

1 Black Mirror reality

The first episode of the second series of Black Mirror realised the prospect of a person living on after their death, through the power of social media.

It’s clearly meant to be futuristic horror, but it may not be as fantastic as it seems.
Read this piece from Salon.com and you’ll understand why
(via @moriza)

2 Stranger danger?

Making friends online has had its ups and downs. Time was you were looked at like a weirdo if you met someone ‘who you met on the Internet’.

Now online dating is commonplace, but there are quite a few recent examples of people being duped into believing into talking to someone completely different.
The modern reality of online friendships
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What I’ve read this week… 21st Feb 2013

I’ve realised I read such a lot of interesting stuff every week that I want to document it.

Here’s the first in a hopefully-fairly regular series of weekly round-ups.

Enjoy 🙂

1) Big Data? Meh!

The wonderful Stowe Boyd is a great person to follow on Twitter and his take on 2013’s buzzword, ie Big Data is more than a little interesting.
Read Stowe’s view on Big Data

2. Fair comment?

It’s fair to say that comments and commenters have becomes something of a challenge for lots of sites. However, rather than limit their scope, some sites are going further, including Gawker’s Nick Denton.
How to do something different with comments
(Thanks to Will McInnes from the rather good NixonMcInnes for this link.)
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When did everyone become a content strategy expert?

There was a great link going round last week to a presentation called: Crap – the content marketing deluge.

The basic message behind the very clever and funny slideshow is that suddenly everyone involved in marketing has woken up to the concept of ‘content’ and how important it is to produce – thus making your (the expert in content and content strategy) job twice, or possibly 100 times as hard: to get cut-through.

‘Endorse me’

In a related area, I’ve noticed that the new ‘endorse’ feature within LinkedIn becoming more and more popular.

Members write down their supposed areas of expertise and connections ‘endorse’ that skill.

The interesting thing I’ve spotted is that almost everyone seems to have suddenly become skilled in content strategy.

Let me first point out that – although content is my day-to-day job – I don’t consider myself a major authority in content strategy.

However, my years in magazines and subsequent experience online have given me a fairly good grasp of the area.

Content bandwagon

I’m not doubting everyone I know or who have worked with previously, but it’s fairly clear – from where I’m sitting – that this is a bandwagon everyone seems to be jumping on.
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