Dog shoots man

Yup, you have to read it twice, but a dog has genuinely shot a man in America.

You can imagine the sort of stick that James Harris is going to get when he gets out of hospital, can’t you?

It puts me in mind, though, of other people who have been inadvertently injured by animals.

If I remember correctly, William III was indirectly killed by a mole, when his horse stumbled on a molehill and our former King fell and broke his neck. Careless, eh?

Then there’s the old chestnut of Catherine the Great being killed while engaging in sexual relations with a horse, which is total hogswallop, but it makes a great story, doesn’t it?

And then there’s the statistic that more people are killed fishing than any other sport – they drown trying to land “the one that got away”.

But my final animal injury has to be the most famous (and fortunately it’s been committed to celluloid). None other than the late, great Richard Whiteley being mauled by a ferret. Watch and wince!

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