Urban hunters

Yeah, yeah, I know foxes are now practically dying out in rural areas and are taking over towns and cities, but that still didn’t prepare me for the surprise I saw the other day.

I was walking to the station at around 8am. It was bright and I was going along a pretty busy main road.

Suddenly, I looked to my left and about 10 feet away, in the open was a fox, crouched (can a fox crouch? Hmm, well it sounds good) over a dead pigeon that it had obviously killed.

The thing is, it’s no surprise to see foxes in the city any more and it’s clearly not a surprise to see one scragging a pigeon. I guess I’m just amazed at the brazen-ness of foxes now.

I mean what next? Perhaps, they’ll start to dress up in hoodies and hang outside off-licences in gangs, brandishing sticks and frightening teenagers with their sharp teeth.

Maybe they’ll get fed up hunting for their supper and they’ll queue up outside Waitrose, desperate to be first in line for the latest delivery of Gressingham ducks.

The mind boggles…

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