Who is voting for Kenny Logan?

Kenny LoganAnother week of Strictly Come Dancing, another week with the most unlikely results. Yes, Kate Garraway and Kenny Logan have both survived the chop again.

Poor Penny Lancaster-Stewart was voted out after the dance-off against EastEnders Matt Di Angelo.

Now, I’m not sympathising with the judges, but it must be galling for them to see the worst dancers stay in and some of the best get booted off.

I can understand why the public vote for Kate Garraway – after all, the demographic who watch Strictly is similar to those who watch GMTV.

But Kenny Logan? Where’s his fanbase? He’s a lumbering rugby player, who isn’t a patch on Matt Dawson from last year. Why do people keep voting him in? He’s no good as a dancer and, as far as I can see, hasn’t exactly got a sparkling personality, either.

I know it’s a competition, but how galling must it be for the worse dancers to take a spot that should so clearly belong to someone else.

I can only surmise that Mr Logan is still in either because a) he’s Scottish (my god, does patriotism really extend to Strictly Come Dancing?) or b) people fancy his dance partner Ola Jordan and want to see more of her.

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