Google + Simon Fuller = Nightmare

© BBC - Simon FullerYesterday’s online Guardian reported that Google is apparently in talks with entertainment supremo Simon Fuller to change the way TV is watched on the internet.

Yes, the man behind American Idol and the Spice Girls could be about to inflict further misery on the world by teaming up with the most powerful online brand.

Although nothing has been officially revealed, it’s thought that their deal would aim to revolutionise the way entertainment and music are distributed.

OK, so they might well produce something quite amazing that will help everyone involved in the music industry.

But isn’t it more likely that it will just give some of the muppets who appear on shows like X-Factor more exposure, while leaving the genuine gigging musicians, who plough their lonely non-pop, non-mainstream furrow, desperately looking for outlets for their wares.

The memory of the one-off World Idol that was shown on ITV about 5 years ago still makes me shudder even now. God help us, if this is what the Google/Fuller deal will produce.

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