Bruce Forsyth proves why it’s time to quit Strictly

bruce forsythHow ironic that something someone else had done has highlighted why it’s time for Bruce Forsyth to hang up his Strictly Come Dancing hat.

The furore over Anton Du Beke’s use of the word ‘paki’ towards his dancing partner Laila Rouass had all but died down, when Bruce entered the fray earlier today.

The Daily Mail reported this morning that Bruce had said that Du Beke’s comments were no worse than Americans calling us ‘limeys’ and he effectively criticised the culture of political correctness that exists in the UK.

But less than 12 hours later, Bruce seems to have backtracked and now says that ‘Du Beke was wrong’.

Bruce Forsyth may have been a wonderful entertainer in his day and have delighted audiences, but it’s clear that the BBC might have to wave goodbye to his multitude of talents after this faux pas.

Equally, the powers-that-be will be wondering what to do about Du Beke. There had been whispers that he was in line to succeed Brucie and his latest gig on Hole In The Wall seemed to endorse that fact, but this is likely to put a dent in that ambition.

Privately, the BBC is still backing Bu Beke, but the rumours that Terry Wogan is a candidate to take over Strictly next year will become much stronger after this latest furore.

Sadly, it seems that even the slightest of tongue-slips can dent the loftiest of ambitions and it’s not always the older generations, such as Forsyth and Ron Atkinson, who are prone to gaffes.

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