Why John Sergeant is right and the Strictly judges are wrong

John Sergeant and Kristina RihanoffThere’s mutiny in the air on Strictly Come Dancing as the judges begin their annual refrain about how this is a dancing competition and so the worst dancers should be voted off, in other words John Sergeant.

And, do you know what? It’s getting boring. Granted when a crap dancer gets a good dancer ousted it can be a bit irritating, but John Sergeant got it spot on this week.

Talking to Tess Daly, John Sergeant kindly pointed out that they were only ‘playing by the rules’. In other words, the judges give 50% of the score and the public give the other 50%.

This means that wily political operators like Mr Sergeant play the game brilliantly by encouraging the audience to give him their support.

And what’s more, this year he’s bloody entertaining. The situation with Kate Garraway, Georgina Bouzova and Fiona Phillips in previous years got a little silly – not only were they crap dancers, but they weren’t actually than entertaining as people.

In 2008, John Sergeant makes bad dancing watchable. He’s funny, has a partner who’s a very clever choreographer and has a personality that just oozes charm, niceness and empathy.

Of course, it must be galling for Len, Arlene, Craig and Bruno to see better dancers voted off, but they were the ones who craved the power of the dance-off and being given the final vote – more fool you, guys.

And let’s face it, without being too disrespectful, the likes of Andrew Castle, Jessie Wallace, and Mark Foster weren’t challenging Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with their twinkletoes, were they?

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