Mum’s the word

Kym Ryder & Mum of the yearWhat is the world of celeb endorsement coming to? In the same week, we have not one but two Celeb Mums of the Year!

Kym Ryder was unveiled as Celeb Mum of the Year for her ability to have a job and bring up kids – blimey, don’t any other mums do that!?

And last week, Suzanne Shaw was revealed as the La Redoute Celeb Mum of the Year – note the sponsorship angle of this gong.

I’m not knocking the recognition of mums, although the fact that two female members of Hear’Say are the only two celebs in the running is rather worrying, rather the fact that there are now two ‘competing’ awards. Why? How many celeb mums do you need to honour every 12 months?

This is the kind of pointless promotion that will put the proverbial nail in the coffin of celeb journalism – a demise that is again high on the prediction list.

The signs that celeb journalism is starting to fade have been all too evident in the past week or two. ABC figures released last month showed a sharp drop in circulation of 3 of the biggest celeb weekly titles (Heat, Now and Closer), while last week Mark Frith announced he’s leaving Heat (the magazine that spearheaded the celeb boom) after 10 years.

Clearly, there’s life in the genre for a while longer, but if sales of these magazines decline further, something else will inevitably come along and take its place. What will it be? Watch this space…

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