Food education

Prawn crackersWe went out for a Mother’s Day lunch yesterday and visited our local Thai restaurant.

One of our reasons for choosing Thai was our effort to expose A to different cuisines and make sure she doesn’t grow up as one of this nation’s Freaky Eaters.

Given that today the Government has announced plans to introduce a 10-week plan to encourage young children to eat more healthily, this was quite an apt adventure for A.

However, I’m not sure that her first experience of Thai food was particularly healthy. She took an instant liking to prawn crackers and proceeded to demolish an entire bowlful of them.

She followed this up with a chilli corn fritter and a pot pourri plate of thai fried rice with chicken, stir fried broad rice noodles and tamarind duck. Yum!

I guess, at least we know now she’ll eat pretty much anything you throw at her!

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