Hobson’s choice: Nicole or Dannii?

Nicole KidmanSo Nicole Kidman has been accused of turning into a bat, according to one ’eminent’ plastic surgeon (actually, I’m not really sure a plastic surgeon can be eminent, if it’s for cosmetic purposes, but hey-ho).

Anyway this news made me smile, on the back of a recent tale from a journalist friend.

This friend had managed to wangle a whole load of cosmetic treatments and one of them was Botox injections.

She duly went along for the appointment and the doctor ran through a couple of questions before administering the needle.

Now, apparently, there are two different patterns of injections, depending on the effect you wish to achieve – something to do with the bits of the face are rendered lifeless, from what I gather.

So, what was the final query before the doc started?

Do you want to look like Nicole Kidman or Dannii Minogue?

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