Wiggles go retro

Since having a child, you end up discovering new ‘worlds’ you’d never ever encounter otherwise. Thus it is, I could go on Mastermind with my specialist subject as The Wiggles.

The group from Australia who all wear different-coloured shirts and sing songs aimed at kids have become a global smash, although they have not quite done as well in the UK.

The great thing about coming from Australia is that it’s a small world in the world of entertainment. They’ve worked with the likes of Rolf Harris, Tim Finn and more recently Leo Sayer, who emigrated there many years ago.

Yes, the man behind 70s smash hits such as When I Need You, Orchard Road and You Make Me Feel Like Dancing has made a beeline for the kids market.

And it’s not only Leo who’s started working with The Wiggles. They’ve also employed the services of a kids Tv legend in the form of Don Spencer.

Spencer is an Australian kids TV legend and also, you may recall, was a long-running presenter on kids TV show Play School during its heyday in the 1970s.

All they need now is to get John Farnham and Mental As Anything involved and they’ve done the whole lot!

[Proof of Leo Sayer’s involvement]

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