Strictly Come Dancing’s Erin Boag’s facial transformation

Erin Boag transformationWatching Saturday’s new series of Strictly Come Dancing, our eyes were drawn to only one thing.

No, not the awfulness of Gary Rhodes’ cha-cha, nor Ola Jordan’s ridiculously unflattering catsuit, but the amazing transformation of professional New Zealand dancer, Erin Boag.

It’s not that she was unattractive before, but she’s now gone totally Hollywood. Aside from the hair colour change, from severe black to a softer golden brown, she has clearly had some other serious work done.

We sat on the sofa and spent ages trying to work out exactly what she’d had done. Definitely veneers, which has completely changed her smile. On top of that, it looks as if she’s had a touch of Botox and possibly some fillers.

It’s pretty impressive and she looks amazing – far younger, far more confident and far more glitzy.

If that wasn’t enough, we were also convinced that Tess Daly has had her boobs reduced, but that’s not quite as obvious!

Cracking opener to the series and, although I’d have loved to see Gary Rhodes go, his dancing will keep us entertained for a couple more weeks yet!

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  1. Thanks very much – was wondering how she looked so different and absolutely lovely. I used to think that she looked like the old lady of the professional dancers on Strictly, but now I think she looks stunning!

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